Tea Butler®

The Elegant Solution

Tea drinking is supposed to be a calming, dignified activity. We bring out our finest china, delicate serving plates, and petite treats.

But all too often, unsightly wet tea bags distract from this beautiful tradition.

The Tea Butler® is the elegant solution that is designed to cover unsightly wet tea bags.

Simply lift the lid, place the wet tea bag in the Tea Butler®, and cover. Your tea bag is now discretely hidden and ready for reuse.


The Tea Butler® is the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, cafes, and any establishment that would like to create a dignified tea-drinking atmosphere.

Not only will the Tea Butler® add to the aesthetics of the table, but it will also protect the tablecloth, napkins and other less-than-optimal alternative locations where used tea bags are generally flung.

Contact us for information on how to bring Tea Butler® to your establishment, gift shop, or home.

The Tea Butler® Story

Tea Butler